Our team of experts is always available for your requests. We perform several types of services:


We are capable of performing a complete machining service on Your demand - milling, scraping, grinding, EDM, chemical and thermal protection (treatment) of products.

Measurement and product control

Measurement and product control services are performed by our team of experts, using CMM machines TESA MICROXCEL and Gidding And Lewis.

CAD services

We are able to perform CAD services - modelling, design and production of custom projects.

Packaging and shipping

Customer need is always in focus. We can customize packaging to assure safe and proper packing and on-time deliveries. We can pack your products according to your wishes, with your own boxes as well as labeling. Delivery will then be made by suborder or other requests, with the help of a customer agreement we can also hold your stock in our warehouse. Contact us with your needs and we will help you!

Surface treatment

We can ensure that your product is completed before delivery, with our capabilities for surface treatment and cleaning. In order to guarantee the highest quality, the products are checked and inspected both before and after the final processing of your product


We execute the services of the mechanic montage assemblies

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