Jomi-ing was founded in 2011 as a small manufacturing facility for both domestic and foreign markets. Today we employ over 30 workers. We design, model, manufacture and deliver products to multinational companies, domestically and internationally. We have over 2000m2 of working space in Djurdjevo and Kac.

Jomi-ing is a company that follows modern technology by purchasing modern machines from renowned American, Japanese and European manufacturers as well as tools that match the same machines, making many extremely complex, precise and demanding tasks in accordance with the needs of our customers. Wide range of production and assembly of assemblies and products for various industrial needs: automotive, pharmaceutical, optical and other.

We are proud of our employees! In our team we have a high level of professional staff, numerous engineers, which enables our customers better communication, the team also includes trained masters in manufacturing who, with their knowledge and experience, contribute to product quality. Our experienced leading controllers are responsible for making sure that the customer is satisfied and the product is of the highest quality.

Our MISSION is to deliver high quality circuits and components to our domestic and foreign customers timeline. We fulfill our mission by constantly improving our employees through training.

The Goal of Jomi-ing is to meet the needs of all our customers and all their professional requirements.

Our VISION is to become a leader in the domestic and foreign markets.

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